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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Boudreauxs

Ladybug Thanksgiving (2008) was the last time I saw the Quaschnick family.....

At the time Ethan was 16 months old, I was working part time for the county school system as an instructional coach and Philip was working at ORNL.  Although I loved my job with the school system, that next spring we decided that it was time that I stay at home full time.  This was a somewhat easy decision for us because I had only planned on working until we paid off all our debt.  By the fall of 2009 I was glad I was home full time and that Ethan was still attending pre-school so that I could manage all of the high-risk OB appointments that were required for my second pregnancy.

Flash forward:
January 2011

Mother's Day 2011

A lot has happened in just over two years.  We have a new edition to the family named Asher, but I'm sure you already knew that via FB, youtube, and Shutterfly!  I am loving being a home manager and Philip is still working at the lab.  Ethan did not attend any sort of preschool this year, but next year he will start in a K4 (preschool) class at a Christian co-op. We are excited about this type of school and we are thinking of continuing at the co-op for his first couple of years of school.

Asher is growing by the minute and will be one next weekend!!  He has just started pulling up on things and is the fastest crawler I know.  I am staying busy by serving on leadership at my MOPS group, teaching VBS at that same church, and attending BSF during the school year.

Our family is currently in a state of transition after leaving our church of 8 years to start something new....

Well, that's all for now.  You can subscribe to my main blog (I have quite a few) to keep up with family news.  I hope to read updates from the rest of you soon!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Since I last saw everyone (it must have been Turkey Day sometime ago!) I've graduated from college and moved to New York City!! WOOOOOO!

I finished at LSU - Geaux Tigers! - in 2008 with a degree in French and International Studies. I then proceeded to not use my degree at ALL and manage a coffee shop for a few years while I lived in Baton Rouge. The in August of last year, I decided I was ready to take the next step in my life and moved up here to New York.

I ran the NYC Marathon in November and it was nuts! Definitely the best thing I've ever done. I ran with the organization UNICEF and raised money for them (thanks to those of you who contributed). The race itself was brutal but amazing. I felt like the whole city was cheering for me and I got to see parts of the city I would have otherwise never seen. Here I am with my fellow runners (bottom left corner):

Right now I'm living in Harlem with my boyfriend, Paolo, and we're renting out our second bedroom through a website called Check out our apartment here.

So if you ever are in the area - or want to be - let me know and you can totally stay with us and you'll be in the best position possible to enjoy this crazy city.

With that said - I'm having an amazing time here! Paolo and I are hosting people from all over the world and I get to meet them and set them up to have a great time in the city with reccomendations, suggestions, and directions. I left my job as a restaurant manager in February and I've had interviews and meetings lined up pretty much every week ever since. Although I'm sometimes nervous about what may happen, overall I'm totally excited to be seeking to do what I'm really passionate about. I love building and working with teams and training and coaching leaders. I want to be in a position to be doing that perhaps in a non-profit and potentially international organization.

I'll check back in soon. Love you all!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011